Why join NAFT?

Why join NAFT?

  • NAFT is one of the most active Language teachers’ associations in NSW, running many workshops each year for French teachers in NSW & Canberra. NAFT is a NESA accredited professional learning provider, offering an average of at least 20 hours of NESA Accreditation annually, through its various workshops. Considering that NESA requires 50 recognised accredited hours over 5 years, this is a remarkable opportunity to gain specialised accreditation in your teaching field in just one year if you wish.

Some of the major events that NAFT runs each year are as follows:

▪         Bac Blanc Day 1 and Day 2

▪         Stage 6 Marking and Assessment

▪         Annual Conference: Depending on the year and workshops

▪         Pop-up workshops eg New Grammar workshop 

▪         Year 12 Skills days for students at Beginners, Continuers and Extension level (subject to NSW Govt. Health regulations re COVID)

▪         HSC Speaking practice speaking days (subject to NSW Govt. Health regulations re COVID)

  • NAFT offers a travel subsidy of up to $300.00 per year to those members who live outside of Sydney to come and attend NAFT events, (payable upon receipt of travel costs and that the school has also offered to subsidise attendance)
  • In collaboration with Alliance Française, NAFT is offering a 1 week Accredited Immersion language & Culture course over the January holidays in 2021
  • NAFT offers subsidies to members who have actively contributed to NAFT, to undertake studies to improve and enhance their French.  This is available to non-native speakers only and upon consideration by the NAFT Executive of a submission made by the applicant.
  • NAFT has previously subsidised members course costs and we are looking to expand the number of subsidies in the future.
  • NAFT has already organised 4 subsidised language tours to New Caledonia with more than 20 hours of teacher-identified accreditation for our members and is aiming to continuing this opportunity in Tahiti in the future.
  • NAFT produces high quality Trial HSC examinations for all 3 levels as well as a Continuers Preliminary examination each year
  • NAFT has a private Facebook group as a forum for sharing of ideas, articles, events and teaching strategies


Where does your membership money go? 

  • NAFT is one of the least expensive Professional Teachers’ Association in NSW and your membership fee is not enough to cover the costs for running of the above events. Therefore, there are charges for each event, but they are kept to a minimum to cover expenses.
  • All our committee members are unpaid volunteers who do the work for NAFT in addition to their teaching load and other responsibilities.
  • Each event has insurance costs, technical- website costs, administration costs to follow up payments, receipts and certificates, accreditation costs for accredited events, Thank- you vouchers & gifts for attendees at events, production of material costs, venue-hire costs, catering costs, visiting guest speaker costs (eg. flights, accommodation, meals, transport and other outgoings).